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The treatment of the irregular position of teeth and jaws with braces has become part of modern life. In our clinic you can opt for braces at any age. A beautiful smile will be your gateway to a successful personal and professional life.

Nowadays, unpleasant alginate impressions are no longer needed, but scanners can be made based on digital images from an intra-aortic scanner. The scanning brace is usually delivered within a few days. Due to the non-invasiveness and ease of the procedure, no preparation is necessary. Below you will find more about our other services, i.e. how the fitting of the fixed appliance and the fitting of the invisible braces takes place.

Why braces from H33

  • For all age groups

    Treatment of irregularly positioned teeth and jaws using braces.

  • 20+ years of experience

    The best experts will take care of you

  • State-of-the-art equipment

    Modern procedures and equipment is what we pride ourselves on.

How it works

  • Fixed apparatus deployment
  • Fitting invisible braces

All procedures are performed only on the surface of the tooth, so they are non-invasive and painless.

All procedures are performed only on the surface of the tooth, so they are non-invasive and painless.

  1. First step

    First, the teeth are cleaned.

  2. Second step

    A special adhesive is used to gradually glue the locks onto the teeth.

  3. Third step

    Finally, the individual locks are connected with a wire, which is the active element of the fixed appliance, a few days after fitting, the teeth may be sensitive.

  1. First step

    First, digital images are taken using an intraoral scanner and other documentation consisting of X-rays, photographs and clinical examination

  2. Second step

    The materials are then sent to make a virtual model of the teeth, on which the necessary tooth movements are planned

  3. Third step

    Within a few weeks the braces are finished and ready to be handed over to the patient

  4. Fourth step

    At the time of handover, the teeth are fitted with resin attachments that increase the retention area of the braces and the patient is further instructed on how to change and care for the braces.

You often ask

  • How do I know if I need braces?

    In most cases, a general dentist will refer the patient for an orthodontic consultation. However, if you yourself perceive that there is something about your smile that bothers you or you have problems with biting or jaw joints, you can come in for a consultation without a doctor's recommendation. The orthodontist will examine you at the consultation and, if necessary, suggest options for modifying your teeth.
  • At what age to start orthodontic therapy?

    The decision on the most appropriate time to start orthodontic therapy depends on the type of dental defect. It is good to address most of the problem in the growth phase, which helps to achieve a stable result. At the same time, teeth straightening is more effective and thus faster at this stage.
  • Which braces are suitable for me? Are night/removable braces not enough to compare my tooth?

    Removable braces for nighttime use is only able to resolve some bite defects at the stage of tooth replacement. However, it is not enough to correct problems in the permanent dentition, which is, for example, crowding. Removable braces can be used in this case,but they are foil braces, which are worn over the gums and removed only for eating and cleaning the teeth. Another option are classic fixed braces, which can be used I all orthodontic defects.
  • Does wearing braces hurt?

    Yes😃, Wearing fixed braces can be uncomfortable, the brackets can cause blisters on the inside of the cheeks and lips during the first few weeks, and the pressure on the teeth after each check-up when the wires are changed is also uncomfortable.
  • Will wearing braces restrict me? Can I wear braces if I am an athlete or play an instrument?

    The most limitations are when wearing fixed braces. They are difficult to clean and it is not advisable to bite into hard foods. They can act as a splint in sports, but for example in contact sports it is a good idea to make a retainer so that the oral mucosa cannot be injured. When playing wind instruments, problems with pressure can arise. All these restrictions are not necessary when wearing foil appliances.


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