Inhalation analgesic

Raises the pain threshold.

Inhalační analgetikum

Inhalation analgesic

The inhaled analgesic is suitable for patients who are apprehensive about the treatment, especially the injection of anaesthesia.

After inhaling an inhaled analgesic, you feel relaxed, you have a good laugh and the injection is the least thing that would worry you at that moment. An inhaled analgesic not only relieves you of fear, but at the same time increases the pain threshold and thus reduces the level offelt unpleasant sensations.

The great advantage of inhalation analgesia is that it has a very fast onset and so the pleasant sensations come almost immediately after a few breaths. Once the inhaled analgesic is stopped, its effects wear off in about 2 to 5 minutes. After 30 minutes it is possible to drive a car, so it is not necessary to be accompanied when using inhaled analgesia.

Inhalation anagletic is also suitable for children, who usually do not remember the course of treatment at all after using it and thus do not take any unpleasant experience with them!

Extensive experience with the use of inhaled analgesics shows that it is a very safe analgesic with minimal side effects.

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